A Girls’ Club for Lawyers

Long before Legally Blonde, a friend and fellow attorney, Carolyn Agin Schmidt, and I got fed up with the old boys’ club that permeates the legal field. We decided that if we couldn’t join them, we’d beat them at their own game. Thus was born the Juris Divas, a not-so-old girls’ club of more than 600 women lawyers and judges across Minnesota. Her […]

Prince Countersues Over Assault Claim

Prince has filed a countersuit against claims that he instructed his bodyguard to assault a college student for taking Prince’s picture late last year at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. In April, Anthony Fitzgerald of Edina, Minn., sued Prince and his bodyguard for $50,000 in damages, saying he was assaulted in a Dec. 29 incident. His […]

Old-Boy Network Gets a Makeover

Minnesota Lawyer’s national sister publication, Lawyers USA, reports in an upcoming piece that a growing number of women-only client outings are being hosted by law firms throughout the country. Many of the events have a decidedly feminine flair, as some women attorneys opt for glamour over golf to schmooze with their female clients. Here’s a […]

SuperLawyers Top 100 Women

The following is an alphabetical listing of the lawyers who received the highest point totals in the Minnesota nomination, research and blue ribbon review process. To view list and original article, click here.

Children’s Hopsital Pioneer Virginia Naros Taught Nurses Until the End

Thirty-some years ago, the shah of Iran and his wife asked Virginia Naros, of Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, if she would build a children’s hospital in their country, Naros’ daughter recalled recently. “That’s not surprising that she was in demand,” said Dr. Arnie Anderson, Children’s Hospital’s founding medical director and CEO. “When we started Children’s, we […]

Call Them the Divas-in-Law

Some came for the wine. Everyone came for the women. The other women, that is. It had been a while since the members of Juris Divas, a social networking group of female lawyers and judges, had gotten together for an off-hours debriefing. It was high time for a different kind of bar exam. So, on […]

For Women Only

Successful women bonding over martinis, gossip and high fashion—sounds a bit like Sex and the City, only this group is exclusive to attorneys (sure, SATC’s Miranda could join) and convenes in downtown Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs. Meet the Juris Divas: “Smart, sassy lawyers or judges who enjoy good times, good stories and good friends—and […]

Five Years, One Bounty Hunter Later — A Verdict

A personal injury trial with an empty chair where the defendant should have sat has resulted in a $66,711 verdict from a Scott County jury last month. The case was a fairly straightforward auto accident and a resulting soft tissue injury to the plaintiff’s neck and back. However, it took five years, a trip to […]

Kristen K. Naros Named Super Lawyer!

Kristen K. Naros named Super Lawyer! See original link here.

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